These are some of the programs you can listen to on La Otra Radio

The Other Voice of Chicago

The star of the radio, with news, interviews, guests and all the information about what is happening in Chicago and Mexico.

The Health News

The Health news program hosted by Dr. Erick Estrada is a program that seeks to inform the public of the benefits of consuming natural foods and taking advantage of their benefits.

Timeless Space Creation

With a touch of humor and irreverence, from Mexico Max Corrales together with Isaac Ortega bring us the latest national information.


Your sports news with all the information on the national and international events of the king of sports, results, positions, scorers and news from the Mexican league, in addition to the analysis of international soccer.

Connections With Ali

Alicia Fonseca, online radio host and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Little Village, Chicago, whose passion for music and radio led her to work on English and Spanish stations. His podcast on Spotify, Conexiones con Ali, fuses various subgenres of Latin music. Raised in a large Mexican family, her love for Latin music is innate.

Free Border

Programa de enlace birregional de información y servicio entre la comunidad mexicana migrante, en EU y ciudadanos radicados en diferentes partes del estado d Jalisco, en México.

Corazón de México

Accompany Patricia Mejía on her journey through the most beautiful places in Mexico, learn about their customs, stories and experiences, discovering the wonders of the culture and heart of Mexico

With a Migrant Accent

A newscast in which you will hear news from all the states of Mexico, since the information is not only generated in the capital, in our newscast, all the states have a voice and make themselves heard.

The Other Reality

Lina Nuñez and Xavier Botero bring you every Friday notes of mystery, occultism and paranormal phenomena that you want to know, enter the world of the unknown and look deeply into The Other Reality